Three lucky winners will have their designs printed on flights to be used around the world. They will also receive ¥30,000, a complete dart setup and other prizes!

Attention: New for this year

When we print flights, there is an ★ side and a ■ side. Normally, the same design is printed on both sides. This year, we give you free reign to use different designs. They can be the same, completely different or interact with each other in some unique way! Surprise us.

Step 1: Download the template

If you will use only one design (■ and ★ will be the same), click here to download the template.
If you will use two designs (■ and ★ will be the different), click here to download the template.

Step 2: Choose your category

Category A: Monocolor

Your challenge is to make any design or pattern using only one single solid color on a background color of your choosing. When we say "mono color", we mean it. It's not shades of blues, but just one of the blues. Gradients and fading are out. Wherever you use the color, it must be solid.
Color: Any one color of your choice
(Any background + 1 additional color = 2 total colors)
Acceptable design
This is acceptable. The only color is black on a white background.
Unacceptable design
This is unacceptable. It is one color tone, but there are multiple grays in use.

Category B: Multicolor

Is there a flight design you've always wanted us to make but we never have? Are you a great artist that the world just hasn't discovered yet? Show us what you've got. Choose one of the background colors and use up to 3 additional solid colors (not limited to the ones in the image). Make whatever you want; the world is your oyster (except for gradients and fades).
Color: Up to three addition colors
(Background color + 3 additional colors = 4 total colors)

Please click here to read the official rules for the design portion of the contest

Step 3: Upload your design

Thank you all for your submissions. Be sure to vote for your favorite!

Design: Frequently Asked Questions

This contest is your chance to tell us what you want on your flights, and maybe win the opportunity to see it produced. We're looking forward to this new way to hear directly from you and hopefully see some amazing new designs. As this is both yours and our first time to try something like this, so we hope this FAQ will answer some questions that you may have. If it doesn't, feel free to contact us at: events@c-cosmo.co.jp

Who is eligible to enter?

Any person, anywhere in the world can enter! As long as you're 18 or older.

Where do I enter my design?

You can both download your entry form and submit your finished design here: https://events.cosmodarts.jp/en/design-contest.php.

How do I submit my design?

Please submit a scan, photo, or export of your design in .jpg or .png format. If you submit a photo or a scan, please be sure that the light quality is good.

When are entries due?

We are accepting entries starting April 16th, 2020, 00:00:00 JST and ending May 17th, 2020, 23:59:59 JST

How many can I submit?

As many as you well please!

What illustration methods can I use?

As long as it's done on the official template, any method that you want. You can print it out and doodle on it with crayons. You can load it into a design program and draw on it. Whatever way you're comfortable with is fine by us.

How many colors are allowed per design?

In category A (Monocolor) you get one. One solid color (NO gradients, shading, blending or half tones). That one color may be used any of the available background colors.

In category B (Multicolor) you can choose your background color from all available flight colors. Then add up to 3 solid colors (Again NO gradients, shading, blending or half tones). Black and white are counted as colors.

My best friend's dog's sister's roommate's cousin's ex-bartender is an amazing drawer. Can I stick something they did on the template and submit it?

No! You must be the original creator of the work. You, just you and no one else.

Can I try to trick you guys into printing [insert famous trademarked character or logo]?

No! No third-party copyrights.

What are the prizes?

One winner from Mono-color, one winner from Multicolor, and one winner from either will get:

  • The equivalent of 30,000 JPY
  • 5 sets of flights based on their design
  • A dart setup of their choosing:
    • 1 Case X with winning design printed on it
    • 1 Flight Case
    • 1 set of Cosmo Darts Barrels
    • 1 set of Fit Shafts
    • 1 package of 50 Fit Point PLUS tips*
    • 1 set of Fit Point METAL CONVERSION POINT*
  • Cosmo Darts Tote bag
  • Cosmo Darts T-Shirt
  • Cosmo Darts Hand Towel
  • Commemorative Trophy
  • Exclusive Dart Stand
  • 2 Commemorative 2019 Constructor’s #1 DARTSLIVE Card (Cosmo Darts & Fit Flight)
  • Chance to be interviewed
  • *Not available if steel tip barrels chosen
When will the winners be chosen?

Winners will be announced July 17th, 2020.

How does the voting work?

Cosmo Darts in-house team of experts will select the top 9 designs from all eligible entries. We will post these chosen 9 on our site https://events.cosmodarts.jp/en/design-contest-vote.php for our fans to vote from starting on June 9th, 2020, 00:00:00 JST and ending June 15th, 2020, 23:59:59 JST.

Can I offer my fans prints/goods/services in trade for votes?

No. If we become aware of a finalist trading goods or services for votes in this contest, they will be disqualified. Promoting your design and asking for votes are both allowed.

What if my design isn’t chosen as a winner, but you want to produce it?

If we like a design that doesn’t win, we’ll contact you before we move forward with production.

Where will the winning designs be produced?

The same place all our flights are: by us here in Japan!

Why are you holding this contest?

For fun! We felt this would be a way to interact with our fans in a way that no other dart company does. We have full time creative, wonderful, amazing designers, however as it currently stands, you can only tell us what sort of designs you DON'T want by not buying them. We thought this would be a fun we to turn that into a positive and find out what you DO want and get you involved in the process of making something you enjoy.

If my design wins, will I get a set of my flights?

Yes. The flights from your dart set will be your design.

Do you have suggestions for designs?

Nope. We want to see what you want, not what you think we want. If you want ideas of what we have done, feel free to checkout our current lineup here or here.

Can more than one of my designs be chosen as a finalist?

Yes. You can submit an infinite number of designs and the finalists are chosen based on merit, so it’s possible that one artist could end up with 2 or more designs in the voting period. This isn’t something we are expecting, but you never know!

Can you talk to me like a lawyer? What are the official rules for this contest?

La Cheeserie! Good question! You can find the design specific ones here: Official Rules